Human Devastation Caused by US’ Post 9/11 ‘War on Terror’

Brigadier (Retd.) Dr. Ahsan ur Rahman Khan

The Myth and the Truth about What Caused ‘War on Terror’

On 9th September 2001, when US’ Twin Towers were destroyed by devastating explosion and fire, US’ government announced that Islamic fundamentalists had highjacked the planes and rammed those in the Towers to cause that destruction.

This accusation of US’ government was then widely propagated by USand Alliesmain stream media, spreading antiMuslim hatepropagandain the world.

Even at that stage there were some credible objections to this US’-created myth. However, those objections were suppressed by USofficialdom and the US/Alliesmainstream media, calling those objections as conspiracy theories.

Still, many highly credible reports and papers continued to bring to fore many undeniable facts, including the cogent engineering/technological arguments, to prove that those objections to the US’-created mythwere not merely conspiracy theories.

One of those has been published on 27th February this year (2020) by the wellknown Sage Journal. This is a comprehensive and welldocumented research paper, by David A. Hughes of University of Lincoln United Kingdom. The research paper is titled 9/11 Truth and the Science of IR Discipline. (1)

In the abstract of the research paper, he has highlighted the facts, as also in his paper quotes from other credible researchers, which are much worthy of attention. The abstract in full, and some of those quotes in brief, are given below (italics added for highlighting):

International Relations (IR) scholars uncritically accept the official narrative regarding the events of 9/11 and refuse to examine the massive body of evidence generated by the 9/11 truth movement. Nevertheless, as calls for a new inquiry into the events of 9/11 continue to mount, with the International 9/11 Consensus Panel and World Trade Centre Building 7 Evaluation inquiries having recently published their findings, and with a U.S. Federal Grand Jury on 9/11 having been announced, now would be an opportune moment for IR scholars to start taking the claims of 9/11 truth seriously. A survey of the 9/11 truth literature reveals that the official 9/11 narrative cannot be supported at multiple levels. Two planes did not bring down three towers in New York. There is no hard evidence that Muslims were responsible for 9/11 other than in a patsy capacity. Various U.S. government agencies appear to have had foreknowledge of the events and to have covered up evidence. Important questions regarding the hijacked planes need answering, as do questions about the complicity of the mainstream media in 9/11. IR scholars avoid looking at evidence regarding the events of 9/11 for several reasons. They may be taken in by the weaponized term, “conspiracy theory.” A taboo on questioning the ruling structures of society means that individuals do not wish to fall outside the spectrum of acceptable opinion. Entertaining the possibility that 9/11 was a false flag requires Westerners to reject fundamental assumptions that they have been socialized to accept since birth. The “War on Terror” has created a neo-McCarthyite environment in which freedom to speak out has been stifled. Yet, if IR scholars are serious about truth, the first place they need to start is 9/11 truth. (Note. McCarthyism denotes the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard of evidence. It refers to USsenator Joseph McCarthy, has its origin in US known as the Second Red Scare during the period 19401950; and was characterized by heightened political repression and fear spreading campaign against communists.)

David A. Hughes then refers to the possibility of falsehood of USclaim of being attacked by the Islamist terrorists; and that, rather, US utilised that attack on the Towers as a false flag operation to createthe justification of its preplanned militarism in the target countries. In that context he quotes from Amy Baker Benjamin’s article: “As Benjamin (2017) observes, Were this claim ever to be proved false—were it ever to be shown that the United States was not in fact attacked by “others” on 9/11 but rather attacked itself (or let itself be attacked) for the purpose of blaming others and justifying international war—then its war would not be one of self-defence but of pre-meditated and carefully camouflaged aggression. (p. 373).  

He then goes into the details of the historical cases in which many countries launched such false flag operations; and then asserts, Is the United States above such behavior? Hardly. Then, to substantiate his assertion, he gives the case histories of such false flag operations launched by US too; and corroborates his argument by again quoting Amy Baker Benjamin, “Putting all these pieces together,” Benjamin (2017), p. 385) notes, “what emerges is a disquieting mosaic showing the very real possibility of a mass-casualty false-flag attack being executed to justify international war.” Prima facie, it is not inconceivable that certain elements of the U.S. government, possibly with links to other transnational actors, could have staged 9/11 in order to provide the pretext for the War on Terror. At the very least, this possibility should not be dismissed out of hand.

In the 9/11 Truth; Key Findings, he also highlights the falsehood of USclaim on the engineering/technological basis. In that context, he has quoted the paper of another expert, “It is impossible that commercial airliners caused the complete destruction of the Twin Towers, which were built to withstand precisely such an impact [2]. Office fires, even if fed by jet fuel, could not have weakened these massive steel structures to produce the observed effects [2] (Ryan, 2007). Official claims that there were widespread infernos in the South Tower are false [5]. But if not planes and office fires, what did destroy the Twin Towers?(Note. The question raised by this expert, But if not planes and office fires, what did destroy the Twin Towers?”, is of high significance to note.)


Salient Inference from Credible Published Material

Such credible published material abounds, which seriously contradicts USgovernments claim that destruction of the Towers was an Islamic fundamentalist attack on US. Factually, keeping the credible facts brought forth by such authentic published material clearly support the validity of the abovementioned inference drawn by Amy Baker Benjamin that, Putting all these pieces together, what emerges is a disquieting mosaic showing the very real possibility of a masscasualty falseflag attack being executed to justify international war. Prima facie, it is not inconceivable that certain elements of the U.S. government, possibly with links to other transnational actors, could have staged 9/11 in order to provide the pretext for the War on Terror. At the very least, this possibility should not be dismissed out of hand.

Aspect of Religious Element in US’ War on Terror

As wellknown, after the destruction of the Towers, the then USPresident George W Bush declared Crusade, War on Terrorism. And, the otherwise democracyproclaimingUSAllies readily contributed their military to join this devastating USCrusade.

Obviously Crusade was a repeat declaration of Christian’s holy war against Muslims of the past. Though George W Bush aides subsequently tried to conceal the religious element in this declaration; yet that concealment was belied by the glaring fact that all the countries which were invaded, or were otherwise targeted, by US and its NATO military coalition in this Crusade War on Terror were/are Muslim countries.

Many published papers/articles in this regard are available. These show that US’ Presidents use of the term Crusadewas not unintentional. One such article titled The Bush CrusadeSacred violence, again unleashed in 2001, could prove as destructive as in 1096, was published by The Nation (2). Its author James Carroll is the former Boston Globe columnist, author of 20 books, and Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Some of his remarks on that declaration of Crusade by the USPresident, worth noting are (italics added for highlighting):  

A few days after the assault, George W. Bush did this. Speaking spontaneously, without the aid of advisers or speechwriters, he put a word on the new American purpose that both shaped it and gave it meaning. “This crusade,” he said, “this war on terrorism.”

Crusade. I remember a momentary feeling of vertigo at the President’s use of that word, the outrageous ineptitude of it. The vertigo lifted, and what I felt then was fear, sensing not ineptitude but exactitude.

I am a Roman Catholic with a feeling for history, and strong regrets, therefore, over what went wrong in my own tradition once the Crusades were launched.

That the President used the word inadvertently suggests how it expressed his exact truth, an unmasking of his most deeply felt purpose. Crusade, he said. Later, his embarrassed aides suggested that he had meant to use the word only as a synonym for struggle, but Bush’s own syntax belied that. He defined crusade as war. Even offhandedly, he had said exactly what he meant.

In Europe, Muslims are routinely demonized. In America, they are “profiled,” even to the point of being deprived of basic rights.

On 19 September 2001 i.e. just ten days after the 9/11 event the danger of basing international politics upon religious impulse, like the declaration of Crusade War on Terror by USPresident, was pointed out by Dominique Moisi, a political analyst with the French Institute for International Relations (country’s top foreign policy think tank). He asserted This confusion between politics and religion…risks encouraging a clash of civilizations in a religious sense, which is very dangerous. (3)

Human Devastation Caused by US’ War on Terror

Deaths in Target Countries

According to a Cost of War report published in the year 2018 by USBrown University’s Watson Institute of International & Public Affairs, between 480,000 and 507,000 people have been killed in the United States’ post-9/11 wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. This tally of the counts and estimates of direct deaths caused by war violence does not include the more than 500,000 deaths from the war in Syria, raging since 2011, which the US joined in August 2014. (4)

However, this tally of deaths increases many folds when  the deaths in Libya, Yemen, Somalia and the Philippines caused by USWar on Terror, as also in Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and eight Sub-Saharan African countries caused by USsmaller combat operations, are also added.

Target Countries Displaced Population becoming Refugees/Asylum Seekers

In this regard the same Watson Institute has published its latest (8 September 2020) report, titled Creating Refugees: Displacement Caused by the United States’ Post-9/11 Wars(5). It is a comprehensive report bringing to fore the extremely inhuman consequences of USWar on Terror in the form of creating refugeedom of tens of millions of the innocent civilians of the target countries.

The major findings on page 3 of this report are (italics added for highlighting):

The U.S. post9/11 wars have forcibly displaced at least 37 million people in and from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, the Philippines, Libya, and Syria. This exceeds those displaced by every war since 1900, except World War II.

Millions more have been displaced by other post9/11 conflicts involving U.S. troops in smaller combat operations, including in: Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mali, Niger, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia.

37 million is a very conservative estimate. The total displaced by the U.S. post-9/11 wars could be closer to 4859 million.

25.3 million people have returned after being displaced, although return does not erase the trauma of displacement or mean that those displaced have returned to their original homes or to a secure life.

Any number is limited in what it can convey about displacement’s damage. The people behind the numbers can be difficult to see, and numbers cannot communicate how it might feel to lose one’s home, belongings, community, and much more. Displacement has caused incalculable harm to individuals, families, towns, cities, regions, and entire countries physically, socially, emotionally, and economically.

Surely this report is extremely grieving for anybody who has any touch of humaneness in his/her nature. However, it appears evident that the abovementioned hearttouching remarks in this report (numbers cannot communicate how it might feel to lose one’s home, belongings, community, and much more. Displacement has caused incalculable harm to individuals, families, towns, cities, regions, and entire countries physically, socially, emotionally, and economically) have only fallen on the deaf ears of the War on Terror mongering ruling elite and their supporting populace of US and US’ Allies who otherwise pose as the upholders of civilisational values.

Regrettably, the ordeal of that refuge/asylum seeking multitude, displaced from their countries due to USWar on Terror, continued even during their movement to safety mostly towards European countries. Tens of thousands of men, women and children perished en route, due to the hazards of their journey via land and/or sea routes.

The refuge/asylum seeking multitude of the thus forcibly displaced men, women and children had/has to take different routes to move to safer countries, according to the locations of their own countries. Each of these routes had/has its own lifethreatening hazards.

A Human Rights Watch report dated 19 June 2015 , focusing only on those hazards of the journey through Mediterranean Sea to Europe  (6), had mentioned: The Mediterranean is the world’s deadliest migration route. The International Organization for Migration estimates that 22,400 migrants and asylum seekers have died since 2000 in attempts to reach the European Union, many of them at sea. Over 3,500 died at sea in 2014, making it the deadliest year on record. With at least 1,850 estimated deaths in the Mediterranean in the first five months of 2015, a new high record may be set this year.

This Human Rights Watch report has also given the following map to show the movement of the displaced multitude to reach the Mediterranean Sea to cross over to Europe for seeking refuge/asylum.

Migration journeys to the European Union

The abovementioned latest (8 September 2020) report of the Watson Institute, Brown University has also given a map, on its page 2, showing the overall routes taken by the human multitude (who have been displaced from their countries due to USWar on Terror) to seek refuge/asylum in other countries mostly Europe. Following is that map (slightly truncated at the top and bottom), which is available through Googlesearch.

New Costs of War Study: 37 Million Displaced by U.S. Post-9/11 Wars |  Watson Institute

(Map courtesy Google Search) (7)


The Ordeal in the Refugee/Asylum Seekers’ Camps in Europe

The ordeal, of this USWar on Terror stricken multitude of men, women and children, has continued even in the refuge/asylum seekerscamps in Europe.

The plight of these refugee/asylum seekers camps has been amply highlighted when Moria Camp in Greece the largest of these camps in Europe got completely destroyed by fire. This camp is located on a Greek island named Lesvos (also spelled Lesbos).

Moria Camp was built to house some 2,300 refugees (8); but since long it was much overcrowded with about 13,000 displaced persons. According to InfoMigrants (news and information site), about 70 % of these persons in Moria Camp are from Afghanistan (9).

Der Spiegel, which is one of the five most read Germanlanguage news websites, has highlighted the plight of the refugees/asylum seekers, as also the callousness of the governmental mechanism for management of these camps, in its publication of the 11th of this month (September 2020). Some extracts of this publication, worth noting are (italics added for highlighting): (10)

The photo of Moria refugee/asylum seekers camp, published by DER SPIEGEL in this report (obviously not needing any further explanation of the miserable plight of refugees/asylum seekers in these camps):

Migrants in Moria

(Migrants in Moria : Foto Angelos Tzortzinis/AFP; Courtesy DER SPIEGEL)


The very title of this publication is also noteworthy: “Europes Shame The Moria Catastrophe and the EUs Hypocritical Refugee Policy.

The European Union wanted to establish Moria as a model. The concept called for asylum applications to be processed within just a few weeks at hotspots located on several Greek islands. ————– Little of it has been implemented, though. Instead of rapidly processing asylum applications, Greek officials have been holding asylum seekers on Lesbos and other Agean islands for extended periods – several years in some instances.

The publication quoted an Afghan refugee girl Shahrzad whose family was living in Moria camp for last eight months: Moria was never a good place, Shahrzad says quietly. The perennially overcrowded camp was always a desolate place full of misery and fear and the family was confronted by the anguish every day.

DER SPIEGEL also expressed the lament in these words: The EU sees itself not only as an economic and political power, but also as a moral power. But on Lesbos, the Bloc has forfeited whatever might have been left of its moral authority. It is no accident, no act of negligence, that asylum-seekers have been locked up and humiliated in Moria. It is an element of EU migration policy.

TAGESSCHAU.DE , again from Germany, has also commented in a similar vein:

Moria is a hell made in Brussels. … The EU moralists, who happily react to every misery in the world with indignation and a bold declaration by all the EU foreign ministers, are the hypocrites. … The Universal Declaration of Human Rights does not only apply beyond the EU’s external borders, it also applies in a camp where young people have tried with pills and knives to take their own lives in their despair. (11)


The Upshot

In essence, this abovementioned observation of TAGESSCHAU.DE has been amply validated by the fact that the warmongering ruling elites and their supporting public of US and its War on Terror Allies are hypocrites. On the one hand, they put up the facade of being the practitioners and global guarantors of human values and rights; and on the other hand they do not hesitate to cause such horrendous devastation of humanity by launching this War on Terror, on the fabricated pretext of the Twin Towers being destroyed by Islamic terrorists.

Additionally, USPresidents initiation of this War on Terror in the name of Crusade (Christians holy war against Muslims), and its immediate support by USAllies, has caused the initiation of the flame of militarised clash of civilizations on the basis of religion a sure harbinger of serious consequential illeffects for the world as a whole.

Now it is up to the saner populace of US and it’s War on Terror Allies to remind their warmongering ruling elite and their supporting populace to see the light of Dominique Moisis aforementioned warning given on 19 September 2001: “This confusion between politics and religion…risks encouraging a clash of civilizations in a religious sense, which is very dangerous. (12)




(3). (Hereinafter cited as Dominique Moisi. Christian Science Monitor dated 19 September 2001)








(11). Now available through the web catche

(12). Dominique Moisi. Christian Science Monitor dated 19 September 2001. op. cit.

Brigadier (Retd.) Dr. Ahsan ur Rahman

Brigadier (Retd.) Dr. Ahsan ur Rahman Khan is a retired officer of Pakistan Army; a graduate of Command & Staff College and a post-graduate of National Defence College; with Command, General Staff, and rich battlefields experience of war; had to retire due to heart ailment; a post-retirement PhD from University of Peshawar, with the thesis relating to Afghanistan; a published free-lance research/analyst; chose to be a post-retirement teacher; lectured in Social Sciences in the universities of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi for about 11 years; and now house-bound due to health reason, retaining his passion for research/analysis.

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