US Blocks UN Resolution for World-Wide Cease Fire by all Combatants during Covid-19 Pendamic

US Blocks UN Resolution for World-Wide Cease

Fire by all Combatants during Covid-19


Brigadier (Retd.) Dr. Ahsan ur Rahman Khan

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Recent news published by UK’s The Guardian and other world media has highlighted that US has blocked UN Resolution requiring all militaries and militant groups, throughout the world, to stop combat actions and observe cease fire during the Covid-19 pendamic.

Obviously that action by US, to block passage of such a resolution, was completely contradictory to US’ usual claim of being a civilised nation championing the cause of peace, and human values, etc. However, despite that glaring contradiction becoming obvious, US stuck to its objective of not letting this UNSC resolution passed.

In that context, some of the extracts of the report by The Guardian given in succeeding paragraphs clarify as to what happened.

According to the news by The Guardian, The security council has been wrangling for more than six weeks over the resolution, which was intended to demonstrate global support for the call for a ceasefire by the UN secretary general, António Guterres. The main source for the delay was the US refusal to endorse a resolution that urged support for the WHO’s operations during the coronavirus pandemic.

And apparently that was because Donald Trump has blamed the WHO for the pandemic, claiming (without any supporting evidence) that it withheld information in the early days of the outbreak.

However, after lot of efforts On Thursday night, French diplomats engineered a compromise in which the resolution would mention UN “specialized health agencies” (an indirect, if clear, reference to the WHO). It was generally felt that then US wouldn’t oppose the resolution after this compromise amendment.

But on Friday morning US responded by raising yet another objection to the phrase “specialist health agencies”, and blocking movement towards a vote. Very obviously, that was a fabricated lame excuse to camouflage the real reason for blocking the resolution.

We understood that there was an agreement on this thing but it seems that they changed their mind,” a western security council diplomat said.

About that last minute change of mind by US, a diplomat close to the discussion in that UN session mentioned, It might be that they just need a bit more time to settle it amongst themselves, or it might be that someone very high up has made a decision they don’t want it, and therefore it won’t happen. It is unclear at this moment, which one it is. (1)

Obviously that diplomat was careful enough to just hint at the realreason. However, Foreign Policy, the well-known website and print magazine of US’ itself was not so diplomaticin its exclusivearticle published last month. In that article its author, the award winning senior diplomatic reporter Colum Lynch, had clarified the most probable real reason for that US’ action by asserting The United States is also concerned that a blanket cease-fire could inhibit Israel’s ability to engage in military operations throughout the Middle East (2).




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