The Homegrown Terrorism of The ‘Islamophobic’ Countries

The Farcicality It is well-known that successive US governments and majority of US’ media have since decades been orchestrating the rhetoric of the “danger” from “Radical Islamic Terrorism” to create the pretext for promoting US’ war-mongering policies/military actions against the target Muslim countries for attaining geo-economic and geostrategic gains. And, Continue Reading

Reading of Pointers – Kashmir Flash Point

Continuing Extreme Inhuman Atrocities by India It is now third month of India’s RSS-BJP government’s military annexation of the disputed Muslim-majority Indian Occupied State of Jammu & Kashmir (IOK) in blatant violation of UN Security Council (UNSC) existing resolution, which gives the right of self-determination to the people of IOK Continue Reading

Kashmir Issue – Realities and Conflict Indicators

Analysis Framework To understand the current ‘India-ignited’ Kashmir issue in its actual perspective, it is essential to have a proper grasp of the related realities and the clearly discernible dangerous conflict indicators. For that purpose, critical examination of the under-mentioned aspects is required to identify the realities which are otherwise Continue Reading

Sticking Aspect of Afghanistan Peace Process

The Background It is already known that US’ efforts to bring Afghanistan Taliban to a direct negotiation with US-planted government in Kabul, about Afghanistan Peace Process, were resolutely resisted by Afghanistan Taliban. The US-planted government in Kabul is considered by Afghan masses as a ‘tool’ of foreign occupation – a Continue Reading

Pakistan’s Current Problems and Hope In Allah (SWT)’s ‘Rahmah’

(This article conveys my views which I mailed to my mailing list in response to an e-mail received from one of my former students, conveying the worries regarding the serious current economic and political problems faced by the government and common masses of Pakistan.)  The Observations Raised Though E-Mail  (Important Continue Reading

Moves For Global Geo-Economic ‘Reset’ and US’ National Power Potential

National Power Potential and Its Components Political thinkers have provided various definitions of national power potential. However, in simpler explanation “National power is the capacity or ability of a nation with the use of which it can get its will obeyed by other nation. It involves the capacity to use Continue Reading

Reading Through US’ Military Deployment Near Iran – OpEd

The US’ almost ‘sudden’ aggressive military deployment of its massive naval forces including aircraft carriers, bomber aircraft, and anti-missile ‘Patriot Missile’ forces near Iran and in Middle East; and the latest US decision to deploy additional US’ ground troops in Middle East, has created alarm in the world. The US Continue Reading