Russia China ‘Coming Together’ And The Emerging ‘Geopolitical Reset’

Russia-China ‘Coming Together’ And The Emerging ‘Geopolitical Reset’                                    Brigadier (Retd.) Dr. Ahsan ur Rahman Khan     # Tags: Russia, China, Russia-China ‘Coming Together’, ‘Geopolitical Reset’, Eurasia, Pakistan-Russia Relations, US’ Bullying Foreign Policy An article titled “America now solves problems with troops, not diplomats” was published on the 3rd of Continue Reading

Sticking Aspect of Afghanistan Peace Process

The Background It is already known that US’ efforts to bring Afghanistan Taliban to a direct negotiation with US-planted government in Kabul, about Afghanistan Peace Process, were resolutely resisted by Afghanistan Taliban. The US-planted government in Kabul is considered by Afghan masses as a ‘tool’ of foreign occupation – a Continue Reading